D-Rock is a Christian recording artist out of Macomb, Illinois. After a tough life growing up in the streets where He dealt with gang life, drugs, and a few bids in prison. He had an encounter with Christ in 2015 that changed his life as he knew it forever! In 2018, he started releasing Christian Hip Hop music and God has continued to bless not only the music but the ministry that has grown from it! Under his label AGTG MUZIK he has released some hits including Meddlin’, 1000 Miles (feat. CryBaby), Transformation (feat. Big Bean) and his most recent project, “Through The Valleys EP” that dropped 11/26/22 and Lord willing there will be so much more to come! 

16 year old Bobby Bostic was sentenced to die in prison for a robbery in which no one was seriously injured and he somehow remarkably turned himself into a rehabilitated man and with the help of the judge who sentenced him he is now a free man.

J3 Morgan is a Hip Hop, progressive rap & pop gospel artist from St. Louis Missouri currently residing in Ferguson Florissant district of Berkeley Mo. His conscious feel hooks, soulful delivery and witty punchlines gives his music an upbeat trap type vibe. At an early age is when J3 Morgan entered the studio as a artist and since then he had a deep passion for music. Growing up he was heavily inspired by Micheal Jackson, LLCOOL), Lil Wayne, and Lectae. Inspired by Hip Hop Gospel and Soul He transitioned from a fanatic listener to an artist in early 1993 and has blazed a trail for his music career ever since.

Ian Barnett also known by his artist name ASAP Preach was always a fan of hip-hop. When he got saved in 2007, he felt it was only right to glorify God with his gift and love for that genre. He felt compelled to share what God had done for him through his grace.

Following God’s will for his life and career has opened many doors for this talented artist. ASAP Preach reminds himself daily, to stay humble and let God have control of his heart and choices he makes. ASAP Preach is dedicated to glorify God through his music and day to day life and also remain transparent to his listeners.

ASAP Preach has stated that even when “I get weak myself, God is always using me to reach others, Jesus gave his life for me, so it’s only right I give my life to him.” He has witnessed people falling to their knees in worship and welcoming the Lord into their hearts at his performances. He is moved and honored God gifted him with the talent to bring the light into the darkness in Jesus name.

When he is not doing music or filming videos, he spends quality time with his family in Abilene, TX which is why he works so hard at making God the center focus of his life. ASAP Preach also does one on one and group ministry and serves the homeless community by giving food and a nurturing dose of God’s word.

ASAP Preach currently runs his own independent company, Always Say A Prayer Incorporated, and continues to evolve as an artist and servant of God. Stay tuned as ASAP Preach continues to prove that all things are possible through our Lord Jesus Christ.

ASAP Preach has always been musically gifted. From a young age, he was rapping, performing, and Even Recording music. Throughout the course of his musical career, ASAP PREACH has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life; performing at a variety of venues, making loads of public appearances, all the while recording new music. Learn more by exploring the site, and feel free to get in touch with any of your comments and questions.

Created behind prison bars these gifted artists took flight in ministry. J7 and 3D expose their walk with the Lord through the platform of Hip Hop in attempts to rattle cages and set captives free. All of whom are leaders for Celebrate Recovery, currently sponsoring and being sponsored by people in the fight against addiction.

Now a prolific Music Producer, Beat-Maker, Sound Engineer, Song Writer and Rapper, K3hlab (pronounced ‘ker-lab’), as his name suggests, reflects his affinity to collaborating with other creatives, taking note from some of the greats that came before him such as Just Blaze, Gavvi, Trip Lee and Drake.

Growing up, on the surface, K3hlab was a regular kid playing football in California, but behind closed doors he was secretly developing his musical craft on the drums, with his keyboard and computer. By the tender age of fifteen he began to understand his diagnosis of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) and Aspergers (a type of social autism) and its impact on his life. His condition means that his energy levels are much higher than that of others… But fast forward, what was once considered a disability, he now uses as an advantage, as K3hlab brings his heightened energy to his live shows and you can feel it in his music.

His first commercial releases, ‘Government’ and ‘My Type of Party’ saw some local success in 2019 in churches and youth centres in Springfield and around Illinois, however, it was his collaboration with Jason Brewer on his Latin-inspired Hip Hop track, ‘Bandito’ that started to elevate K3hlab as not only a Music Producer but a dynamic Performing Artist at a range of national festivals and local shows.

In 2021, K3hlab joined Integrity Music Records and partnered up with his longtime friend and collaborator, Roddrick Lemar and Eric Goodman for their joint single, ‘Love Lifted Me’ which garnered over 100k views in its first two weeks on Spotify. The gritty heartfelt diary bop honestly exclaims how love lifted him out of a dark place and onto new horizons. Armed with power vocals from Roddrick Lemar, this song propelled live audiences to dance, sweat and share their story. Since then, K3hlab has gone on to collaborate with some national treasures such as 1k PSon on the song ‘My Season’ and Xay Hill (who has worked with the likes of Lecrae, 1k Phew, Nobigdyl and more).

Now, in 2022, K3hlab has dropped his most transparent offering called ‘Suffering From Attention’ with honest and unashamed prowess where he boldly asserts his position with lyrics like ‘ADD for Christ’, championing his supposed ‘disability’ as an asset to his journey. Make sure you stay tuned to learn more about K3hlab’s story along his journey of growing with ADD and Aspergers, and